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New Meeting Room Policy
Important changes!

At the May 12 meeting of the Library Board of Trustees, the Trustees voted to approve a new Meeting Room policy, available here.

The policy has been expanded and clarified on a number of fronts as the result of overwhelming demand for meeting spaces. Over 50 different groups now use the Library in any given year, some several times a month, and it has become increasingly difficult for our own event planners to find times for official library programs.

The main changes are as follows:

  • The Library will be more consistent about verifying that groups primarily serve Plaistow residents and that their meetings are open to the public.
  • The Library has shortened how far in advance meetings may be scheduled, particularly during "peak" hours (evenings and weekends) in the Nelson Room. The Library may provisionally book spaces further into the future as a courtesy, but we reserve the right to re-schedule or relocate events in light of other needs.
  • The Library will soon be migrating to an online booking system that reduces staff time spent managing reservations.
  • The Library will require groups to check in before use and to provide attendance figures promptly.

Please read the full policy for further details and additional changes.

Questions about the new policy may be directed to the Library Director or any Library Trustee.


Meeting Rooms

Plaistow Public Library provides several meeting spaces for public use. The Nelson Meeting Room can accommodate up to 164 people, or two groups of 82 each when divided. The History Room provides space for groups of four to twelve. Three quiet study rooms are also available: two for groups of two to four, and one for individual study.

The Library's meeting rooms are available to civic, community, non-profit, educational, and cultural organizations. Every group (except for state and county-sponsored organizations) must be sponsored by a Plaistow resident.

Meeting rooms may not be used to solicit funds or promote events for which a fee would be charged. (But voluntary donations may be solicited.) Meetings and programs must be free, and group membership must be open to the public.

Plaistow Public Library recognizes the rights of free speech and free assembly. Permission to use Library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by Library staff or the Board of Trustees. No group may imply in its advertising that the Library has sponsored or supported its meeting or group unless written permission has been given by the Director.

For profit companies and individuals are not allowed to reserve meeting rooms, although they may be contracted by the library to present an informational program. In these cases, the company or individual hired by the Library must provide information in an educational presentation without promoting any brand names or company services.

Anyone interested in reserving a meeting room should call the Library at 382-6011 and ask to speak with Cab.

Click here to view and download a Meeting Room Request and Liability Release forms.

Click here to view and download the official Meeting Room policy.