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Plaistow Public Library
Plaistow Public Library
85 Main Street - Plaistow, NH 03865
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Plaistow Public Library

Library History, Mission & Vision

Plaistow Public Library opened to the public on January 2, 1897. Later that year, Trustees wrote:

"The eagerness of the public to avail themselves of the privileges of the library indicates that we have taken a step in the right direction. It is believed by many that no such influence for good has ever been set in motion in our town."
Since that time, the Library has undergone many changes, including two moves to new locations.
Click here to view and download "A New History of Plaistow Public Library", written by Rand Hall.
You may also click here to view and download a facsimile of the complete Library report for 1897.

Our Mission Statement (approved April 2012):
"The mission of the Plaistow Public Library is to provide access to informational, educational and entertainment resources to all members of its community. The library provides materials in a variety of formats and embraces emerging technologies to encourage lifelong readers and learners. The library is committed to reflect and respond to the needs of the community."

Our Vision Statements (approved June 2012)

• The PPL will be the "Intellectual Heart” of the town where people of all ages can participate in activities that encourage a lifetime love of learning, literature and leisure activities.

• The PPL will provide discovery and exploration opportunities through resources and programming that will educate, inspire and entertain.

• The PPL will provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere that will allow space and emerging technologies to come together providing a collaboration of ideas and skills to enhance the educational, informational and recreational needs of the community.

• The PPL will be a trusted resource of information combining physical materials within the library and online access through a variety of remote access points while upholding freedom of access to information to everyone.

• The PPL will provide unparalleled public service by professional and knowledgeable staff.

Southern New Hampshire Library Cooperative

The Southern NH Library Cooperative (SNHLC) is a collaboration of three area libraries (Atkinson, Plaistow and Sandown) working together to establish a shared lending service that will give their patrons access to more resources than ever before.

SNHLC launched on January 30, 2012 with an online catalog reflecting the combined holdings of all three member libraries. At the time the Coop was just the third shared lending cooperative in the state of New Hampshire.

The way the shared lending service works is simple. If you are a card holder from any of the three member libraries, you are able to use the services and collections of the other two libraries as if you were a resident, with a few restrictions.

Advantages of the Cooperative include:

  • Patrons have immediate access to a much larger collection (some 120,000 volumes instead of just 40-45,000).
  • Timberlane students have more options for finding materials they need immediately.
  • Patrons can save gas and time by being able to stop at whichever library is most convenient.
  • Patrons are no longer completely dependent on the whims of the State budget-makers (the State Library’s interlibrary loan van service is regularly on the chopping block).
  • Greater buying power for member libraries.
  • Regular contact and collaboration between the libraries, facilitating the adoption of best practices, new services, and the like.

Staff at each library are happy to answer questions regarding the Southern NH Library Cooperative:

    Kimball Library in Atkinson at 362-5234 or

    Plaistow Public Library at 382-6011 or

    Sandown Public Library at 887-3428 or

Official SNHLC Documents

Coop Policies

By-Laws (Updated May 6, 2019)


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